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A Day at TCC

A typical day at The Children's Center

Sarah arrives in the morning with her father, is greeted in the lobby by the main office staff and escorted to her classroom. As she enters her class, her teacher greets her with a cheery hello and happy smile. Until breakfast is served, Sarah plays happily with her friends in the classroom. Once the morning’s hot healthy breakfast arrives, everyone sits down at the table and shares the meal together.

After breakfast is “Circle Time.” Everyone gathers together to talk about the day, share stories about their family, sing, read stories and review the topic of the week. (numbers, letters, colors, etc) Circle Time is the time where the skills are introduced or reinforced before splitting into centers to explore with peers.

Circle Time flows into free play in the classroom centers (housekeeping, art, blocks, Legos, sand table, etc) and then it’s time to go outside and play.

The morning goes by quickly and lunchtime sneaks up. Everyone again shares a nutritious lunch, prepared in our kitchen fresh and hot. After lunch, everyone is ready for a nap.

Waking from a restful sleep, it’s time to play. Teachers help children get ready for an afternoon snack and then it’s back outside for some fresh air and play.  The remainder of the afternoon is filled with free play, storytime and exploration.  Sarah’s father arrives later in the afternoon, she says goodbye to her teacher and friends and runs into the arms of her father to greet him with a litany of stories about her wonderful day.

While the benefits of play are innumerable — play helps children develop cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally — there is more to play than fun and games.

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